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CCTV Solutions

Intervid CCTV Video Surveillance solutions draw on the most advanced digital video and audio monitoring, recording and communications technology available today. Video data management forms the foundational element of our integrated Building Management Systems, allowing us to build versatile, networked solutions with fully integrated command and control centres located either on or off the client's site. Intervid offers various digital recording technologies to suit the application requirements independent of camera type, including integrated and video-over-IP architectures.

The versatility and configurability of Intervids CCTV surveillance systems allows us to craft solutions from simple requirements with a few cameras through to large campuses requiring thousands of cameras and enterprises with multiple networked sites. In the case of larger sites our Systems Management Interface provides complete site resource management with interactive site map graphics, allowing selection and instant access to cameras' views, microphones, door status and much more.

CCTV surveillance systems aid corporates and institutions in a multitude of different application, ranging from security and theft deterrence, employee productivity monitoring, through to process control and health systems monitoring. Properly recorded surveillance footage can be used in courts to aid in the prosecution of offenders, internal disciplinary hearings and in the monitoring and control of production and manufacturing standards.

Footage recorded through properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can be used in a number of ways to the advantage of organisations and ultimately professionally installed and maintained CCTV solutions enhance the safety and productivity of any organisation and its employees. Intervid supplies to Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town in South Africa.