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What is License Plate Recognition, Foreign Object Detection and Facial Recognition and how do these technologies work in the CCTV industry

As times change and the world becomes a fast paced, multitasking environment to live in, we look for systems that will help us manage tedious daily jobs easily and more efficiently. The CCTV industry is a great example of how technology is advancing and how it is benefiting our lives and businesses today. In this article we will be discussing the features surrounding the analytics on CCTV NVR systems such as: LPR (Licences plate recognition) foreign object detection and Facial recognition.

IP Camera Systems

The first centralized IP camera was released in 1996 and the first decentralised IP camera was released in 1999, so although these systems are technically new on the market they have been able to make a massive impact on the CCTV industry in this short period. The IP Camera has many advantages over the analogue system however there are also potential disadvantages, this article will be looking at both sides of the spectrum.


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